Making Enterprise Blockchain Mainstream.

We create top-notch tools to develop exceptional smart contracts systems, and critical infrastructure to build and manage better permissioned networks.

One stop shop for Blockchain Innovators

Smart Contract Systems the easy way
Open Source development framework for JavaScript developers to excel from blockchain to front end.
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Multicloud infrastructure orchestration
Unparalleled easiness and scalable multi-organization multi-cloud blockchain provisioning and management.

Our products are built out of real life experience building networks

Building the internet of the organizations

The current way that organizations communicate is inefficient and insecure. Blockchain is the cure to that design problem we have always had. But for the world to get all its benefits it needs to be widely adopted. We are building the tools the future needs, today.

We believe the Internet of Organizations should be made up of the following components:


Companies specialized in the development Smart Contract systems and off-chain services. How can they get started?


Computing power is required to make blockchain safe.How to manage our participation in every network we want to connect to?


Connecting the developers and organizations while having enterprise-grade tools and making sure best practices are in-place.

Convector Docs Site Redesign ⛓📚

After a few public and private hackathons, and feedback from developers and students from different parts of the world, we restructured everything up to better support your development journey based on interaction learnings.

Migrating from Hyperledger Composer to Convector Framework 

In this Marbles Example we showcase how to migrate smart contracts made in Composer into Convector Framework. The first difference between the two is the language. Composer has decided to go with its custom designed language to define the different pieces of a smart contract. Convector on the other hand is crafted using Typescript, a super set language based on Javascript that has been gaining traction because of all the rich features it has, like optional strong typing and abstract syntax trees (AST) generation to create tools around the code.

Taking the MVC Pattern to the Smart Contract Development ecosystem with Convector

Most of the languages and libraries available today for blockchain development use a lot of complicated terms, the mental model of a blockchain developer often gets obfuscated with the underlying blockchain technology, a blockchain developer should focus in the application logic rather than the technology running behind it. This is why in Convector we choose a familiar terminology for the core principles of the framework, one of the most successful patterns in the application development field: MVC (mode-view-controller).

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