Empowering organizations to build blockchain networks themselves, and developers to focus on what matters the most.

We help developers create, sell and deploy their Enterprise DApps to networks of organizations all around the globe.


Enterprise Smart Contracts

Open Source development framework for JavaScript developers to build Smart Contract Systems.


Infrastructure Management

We make it easy and scalable for organizations to bring their infrastructure cloud provider to the blockchains they connect to.


Macro Process Management

Flexible and easy way to record events between business networks without coding. We currently implement it ourselves.


Enterprise DApps Marketplace

The way developers can sell anywhere, and organizations can build networks upon their needs.

Coming soon!

What is the Internet of Organizations?

The current way that organizations communicate is inefficient and insecure. Blockchain is the cure to that design problem we have always had. But for the world to get all its benefits it needs to be widely adopted. We are building the tools the future needs, today.

We believe the Internet of Organizations should be made up of the following components:

Software and service Creators

Companies specialized in the development Smart Contract systems and off-chain services. How can they get started?

Distributed Infrastructure brought by the organizations

Computing power is required to make blockchain safe. How to manage our participation in every network we want to connect to?

global decentralized networks

Connecting the developers and organizations while having enterprise-grade tools and making sure best practices are in-place.

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