You have probably heard blockchain before.
Not everything in Blockchain is for startups. There is blockchain for business as well.

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What is WorldSibu?

We team up with industry experts to build the decentralized platforms that businesses need.  That means that we study a business need with incumbent companies, fit the solution for that challenge, and build a blockchain platform for them.

In the Blockchain world a platform looks like a SaaS Software (such as Office 365, Facebook, Gmail) the main difference is that you really own your data, cryptography and private Blockchain networks make it possible.

For example, imagine you need to connect with other 20 companies to share some specific data (KYC, blacklists, supply chain data, records, transactions, etc) . There, we are your tech partner developing, maintaining and teaching you, your developers and your providers how to connect to Blockchain and get all it's benefits.

You just pay a monthly subscription, instead of investing to hire a software provider to develop everything from scratch.
You really own your data, so there's no need to trust a software provider to keep your data safe.
You integrate your existing software to the blockchain, you won't have to throw your investments overboard.

Tellus is one of our main products. It's a Blockchain accelerator product in which your business can focus on creating business processes, your IT department can develop its front end modules without Blockchain complexities and your whole company can get the benefits of Blockchain.

Usually for a business to get started on Blockchain you need to go through an important learning curve that may disincentivize your project. With Tellus we can speed up Blockchain projects and reduce the implementation frictions since you don't code the Blockchain, you configure it.

Start on cloud, your own environment or hybrid architecture. You own your data, always.

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What we are working on right now.


International cooperation

Powering interoperability between countries. Co-administration of data, fast and secure communications.

Get to know how international cooperation can benefit from Tellus.


Shared industry blacklists

Millions of dollars are lost to people taking advantage of companies in the same industry not communicating with each other. A secured shared industry blacklist can help your industry fix that "hidden" problem without hiring a intermediary to whom you would have to give your data to.


Medical records

Coming soon...


Credit approval

Coming soon...

Proof of Concept

We know companies want to touch Blockchain technology, understand it from their point of view and bring its benefits to their realities.

Ping us to get to know us, and maybe start a Proof of Concept for your business? We have multiple ways for businesses to get started.

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