A Blockchain Accelerator.

Blockchain is great, but getting started with it can be hard. That translates to costs, even for Proof of Concepts.

We understand the value of building something quick and small, so that it can back up a business plan that can justify a real investment. That's why we created Tellus.

The great thing about Tellus, is that since it's a foundational product, we can take that successful POC, and scale it to a real business network in record time.

One of our main premises is that, in order for blockchain to be generally adopted, it needs to bring great experiences. Tellus follows that premise and facilitates the creation of business networks.

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How Tellus works.

1. Together, we set up your very own Blockchain network.

Tellus is compatible with on premise, on cloud or hybrid architectures. Installable in less than 1 day.

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2. Configure the network participants, business entities and document templates.

Simple to use interface to give business meaning to your Blockchain network.

3. Build your process templates. Reflect your business needs.

No code, intuitive interface to build any number of processes that your business need. Set up in less than 15 minutes.

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4. Use your business network as easy as calling web services.

You build the innovation on top of the Blockchain. Even your development team won't have to deal with Blockchain complexities. Consume your Blockchain from Web, mobile or IoT devices.

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