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Turn your cloud into a
Blockchain-enabled cloud.

With Forma you are empowered to use any blockchain technology, running in whichever cloud you prefer, to create networks with any organizations you need to.

You are in control here

Blockchain gives you the ability to share a single logical repository of data, with multiple organizations, in which, by bringing certain computing power to the network you can be sure that what was agreed is what governs the data.

So, infrastructure is a must.

But computing power is all that blockchain requires, you can chose if you want it running in a cloud provider or in your own datacenter. And then, connect to 10 or 1,000 companies.

Heterogeneous Blockchain Clouds

Blockchain networks made up of multiple cloud providers, the ones the network participants choose.

All in one package

The operator is also the developer and the infrastructure administrator.

Usually everything resides in just one public cloud provider and since it’s the Operator’s blockchain, it can certainly only hosts their applications.

Decoupled architecture

Infrastructure and services are separate, giving you the whole control to enter and scale on this blockchain world.
By having the control, it also eases the chance for more developers to reach you with their innovations, making the market more dynamic in favor of its actors.