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Enterprise Smart Contract systems the easy way

Built for makers from our own experience with Blockchain.

Convector is a JavaScript framework to improve the experience and speed up the development of clean, scalable and robust Smart Contract Systems. You focus on the DApps and the contractual relationships instead of lower level blockchain details.

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Convector is and will always be Open Source.

Know Javascript. Download Convector. Create.

Javascript modules to improve the experience and speed up the development of clean, scalable and robust Smart Contract systems.

Modeling assets

Real world objects or concepts (like a token, a cryptocurrency, a contract, a car, a container, a user...) with specific characteristics (like a name, a owner, a deadline...).

Based on extensible decorators, it is possible to implement standards such as ERC-20 or custom, more complex, abstractions based on your business need.

What happens behind the scenes is handled by Convector and translated to the Blockchain you are implementing to.


The contractual relationships

Real world actions acting over objects (models). E.g.: build a car, transferring ownership, reporting an accident.

By defining a standard set of allowed operations, adapters can implement the logic at the specific application layer, whether it is the front end, the server or the Blockchain itself.

Blockchain business logic is no longer a rigid structure, one Smart Contract can be built on multiple Models and Controllers.

Integrate with your fullstack JavaScript application.

No need to patch or adapt your development experience to integrate Smart Contracts.

What can you build with Convector?

From a cryptocurrency for international trade, to a platform for saving the forests in South America, to a food traceability immutable record system. The limit is your imagination.

What makes it different

  • JavaScript is all you need.
  • Insanely lightweight. NPM downloadable.
  • Native with your current development flow.
  • Brings value from front end to blockchain.
  • Runs natively on the Blockchain.
  • Blockchain agnostic.

All those gadgets and packages you dream of having when getting started on Blockchain.

Unit testing

  • Don't skip quality just because it's hard to build a testing framework for your project. Use Convector's.

Development Environment

  • Setup and start in just a few minutes. Don't worry for dependencies or understanding the infrastructure. Just code.

A long roadmap of cool features:

  • Documentation and API generation.
  • Code to human-readable translator.
  • Smart contract templates and standards.
  • System Smart Contracts.
  • Performance Testing.

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